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Advent Blocks Legacy Set (OUT OF STOCK)

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A wood box and hardback book version of Advent Blocks. Meant to be kept and passed down for generations. Leave a legacy of faith for your children’s children.

The Legacy Set of Advent Blocks comes with…

  • 27 - 1.5 inch beech blocks with flat smooth edges. These blocks have an extra smooth coating for a premium finish.
  • Hardback version of The King Is Coming, our 25-day guide, with a red placekeeping ribbon
  • White hinge box is great for storing the blocks throughout the year in the attic or on display throughout the year

Anticipate Christmas this year with these beautiful blocks at the center of your home for years to come. Our highest quality block is Christmas decor at its finest.


One wooden box (11.5” wide, 11.5” tall, and 4.5” deep), a reversible box top, and a wall mount. Each box contains a 5-week written guide, 8 Scripture Cards and 8 Play Cards.

  • Family time!

    “We are spending more time together as a family.” -Cathy Hendrickson, Minnesota

  • Living in truth

    “We are leaning into the truth that the true work has been finished.” - Emily Humbert, Nashville, TN

  • joyful days

    “Sabbath Box has helped remind me of the heart behind our rhythms of rest and work. It makes our days more joyful!” -Hannah Wheeler, Durham, NC