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8 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Deserves Its Moment

If you know us, you know we're all all about Advent. It's what got us started on this journey of making the GoodKind of habits and holiday celebrations. And we hope that some people will always call us "those Advent Blocks" people.

But we love finding meaningful moments to engage with God and one another throughout the year. And one of the most obvious but underrated times to do that? Thanksgiving. 

We're making the case that Thanksgiving deserves its moment of glory, for the wonderful holiday that it is. And we're arguing over the best reasons that make it so great. Take a listen to The GoodKind Podcast for the Thanksgiving snake draft, and enjoy some laughs along the way! 

Without further ado... 

8 Reasons Why Thanksgiving Deserves Its Moment

1. Most consecutive days off of work 

Whoever made Thanksgiving on a Thursday was a genius. Because it's so easy to just give employees the Friday off too... (in many cases, at least!) Thanksgiving happening on Thursday almost guarantees a long weekend, making travel or actually disconnecting for the holiday so much more attainable. Thank you Thursday Thanksgiving people. 

2. Family 

We could have put this first, but we know, sometimes it's complicated too. But if you're able to spend time with family or friends who are like family, we know how sweet it can be. Especially with a bit less stress around the holiday, (ahem, Christmas, and your present expectations.) Thinking of the best, we had to put family near the top of the list. 

3. Turkey Trots 

How many other holidays rally around a group activity or contest? Maybe it's not for everyone. But if this is something your family is into, we bet it's a big highlight. And a great way to make a tradition year after year. 

4. Cooking

Not just the eating, but the cooking of the main Thanksgiving meal can be half of the fun! How many other days do you spend making memories in the kitchen actually cooking and having a good time together, sharing memories and jokes while stirring the gravy, taking bets over the wishbone, or laughing at whoever has to "stuff" the turkey? Thanksgiving is the best day of the year for anyone who likes to cook or spend time in the kitchen stealing scraps. Plus, the food just tastes better with all that love cooked in. 

5. Football

It may not be your thing. But anyone can enjoy a good game of football, play a good game of football, or doze off during a good game of football. It's a classic for a reason, after all. 

6. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 

Even if you ignore 90% of it, you can't miss turning on the big parade while you're still in your pajamas and catching a glimpse of those massive balloons go by. Or seeing a broadway number no one has ever heard of before. (Sorry, Clayton, but it's true.) Even if just for the nostalgia—it's completely Thanksgiving, and completely mandatory. 

7. Naps 

Thanksgiving is the one day of the year where it is totally acceptable to nap in front of other people. Even in your own home, and even if you have company over. You get to blame the tryptophan and have a free pass at a lazy day. Thank you, Thanksgiving. From, all the tired people in the country. 

8. The Christmas Kick-off

It has to be last in the list, just like Santa is last in the parade. Thanksgiving is the official kick-off to Christmas, and the day it's officially acceptable to decorate, watch movies, and get excited for all of the Christmas cheer. Come at us all you want, but even if you got a head start, there's no denying that Thanksgiving is the true start of the Christmas season, and it's just another way this holiday is great, and deserves its own moment to shine. 


Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone! We hope you'll find intentional ways (maybe even using this list!) to engage with God and one another this month as you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday and consider all that God has given us to be grateful for. 

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