How Sabbath Box Works

  • 1. Flip the Box Top

    During the week, the lid will prompt you to Create and Cultivate in your daily work. On Sabbath, flip the top as a cue to Stop and Enjoy.

  • 2. Put Your Work Away

    Take something that represents your work (or actually allows you to do your work) and place it inside the Sabbath Box. 

  • 3. Read, Pray, Play

    Then, enjoy God and each other as you read, pray, and play together, using the resources we have provided.

    You're going to love this.

A way to slow down

Sabbath is a special day God set aside for people. A day to rest. A day to worship him. A day to play.

A day to be restored.

An Invitation to Stop and Enjoy

Our hope is that by using the Sabbath Box, starting a rhythm of rest will feel less like an obligation and more like an invitation.

Will you Join Us? 

We know that beginning a Sabbath rhythm (or beginning one again) can be overwhelming. So we’ve tried to make this as simple as possible.

Sabbath Resources

Watch our video showing how Sabbath Box works.

Check out some blog posts related to Sabbath:

  • “Sabbath Box has helped remind me of the heart behind our rhythms of rest and work. It makes our days more joyful!”

    — Hannah Wheeler, North carolina

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