Why Advent Blocks?

Why are you using wooden blocks?

We needed something tangible that children of any age could engage with. We also wanted there to be movement each day that showed God's plan of his Son (represented by the star) coming to earth (represented by the... well... earth). 

How did you pick the stories?

Chris and Clayton worked through many resources to find the bible stories that were engaging for the whole family and that gave voice to the presence (and absence) of God in scripture. We hope you enjoy!

Does the guide fit my Christian faith? 

We wrote the guide to be an encouragement to all Christians. There are many denominations who have used and loved our family guide “The King Is Coming.” If you want a sample check this out.  


Why are you doing preorders?

We are working hard to prepare for next year and preorders help us fund some initial purchases of our inventory. That means you get a great price now and don't have to worry about what to do for Advent next year.

How do I get my church to use this resource?

Complete this form and our team will help your churches pastors and staff get the bulk pricing and special shipping options. 


Where do you ship to?

This year we are shipping anywhere in the United States. Other countries to come soon, send us a message if you have a wholesale contact in your country

How long will my order take?

Right now the plan is to start shipping at the end of October as soon as the blocks arrive in our warehouse (as I am sure you have seen, shipping is crazy right now). 

For Churches

How do I know this is good for our church? 

We are so glad you are interested in our local church program. Unfortunately, due to such a high volume of interest, we don't have any samples to send or sell right now. Of course we would love to provide the guide for you to look over. Here is a sample of the guide. We greatly appreciate that you want to vet the content before providing it to your church. We hope you find the guide encouraging! 

Church delivery and distribution timeline. 

Friday, October 15 | Any orders placed before October 15th will be shipped as soon as inventory is in stock (end of October or early November)

Sunday, November 14 | This will be the last day for an individual in your church to order through the church program and get the 30% discount. Any blocks ordered through the church program between October 15th and November 14th will be shipped the week of November 15th. This ensures we can ship to you in time for you to distribute the blocks the last two Sundays of November or at a specially scheduled event. 

After November 14 | Anyone purchasing after this date will make their purchase on our regular website, and their order will be shipped to them directly

Each delivery will be accompanied by an email with the names and contact info of those who have purchased using your churches special coupon code. 

Where are the promotional materials for churches? 

Check your email for messages from contact@adventblocks.com to make sure you haven’t missed anything. But since you are already here, this is the folder with all the promotional resources

Returns and exchanges

How do I ship my order back to you?

Not happy with your blocks? Message us using the contact block on our site and we will give you the instructions for how to return your blocks. 

Who designed the blocks?

Brian Turney is a key member of our team and designed each of the blocks (and all of the book too). Eye catching for all ages but especially engaging for kids 3 - 13. 

What age range are Advent Blocks best for?

Often people think younger children (and yes that is true)! Toddlers love the blocks but we have heard early teenagers are engaging with the story and parents have shed a tear or two as well.

Loved by those 2 - 92