How GratiKube Works

  • 1. Roll the GratiKube.

    It’s like a die, but has 12 sides—so technically, not a cube. But “Thank-a-heck-a-hedron” wasn’t as catchy.

  • 2. Say, “God, thanks for …”

    The GratiKube lands with one of life’s moments facing up. That’s your category. “God, thank you for …” Simple. 

  • 3. Repeat for everyone!

    Roll as many times as you like. Keep it short or keep the good times rolling. It’s your GratiKube: Feel free to mix it up! 

The GoodKind GratiKube Makes It Fun

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Gratitude is a muscle. 

Like a muscle, our capacity for gratitude can be strengthened with exercise. Any of us can do it. We simply need a lot of practice.

Wonder is the exercise. 

Gratitude is the muscle; wonder is the exercise that strengthens the muscle. When you introduce wonder or delight into conversation, exercise is happening. 

Game-i-fy wonder.

We’ve taken many of life’s small but delightful moments and put them on the GratiKube to make gratitude fun. By game-i-fying wonder, we think you’ll find your gratitude muscle grow. 

GratiKube Resources from GoodKind