How Sticky Prayers Work

  • 1. Stick them on.

    We recommend objects like your phone and computer, but opportunities abound!

  • 2. Pray throughout the day.

    Sticky Prayers will remind you to pray throughout the day, and the texture even helps you focus as you do so.

  • 3. Try and try again.

    We made them removable so you can find the places that work best in your home and life.

GoodKind Sticky Prayers make it possible!

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Sticky Prayers - GoodKind

Four types of prayer...

We packed lots of theology into a tiny package, offering you meaningful moments that will accumulate over time into a rich spiritual practice. 

Sticky Prayers - GoodKind

...that you can actually do.

Sticky Prayers are so simple that anyone can do it. All it takes is a moment and a little intention.

Sticky Prayers - GoodKind

Pray More, and Enjoy It.

Prayer can become something you do more often—and, even, something you begin to love.

Sticky Prayers Resources

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