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Sticky Prayers

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Sticky Prayers allow you to lay aside the rush of daily life, returning to what you know to be true. 

Each set contains a prayer primer and instructions and a set of four textured, removable stickers. The different shapes prompt you to engage with God in four different ways. 

As you feel the texture and see the prompts throughout your day, you'll be reminded to take a moment and enter into conversation with God, wherever you are.

Just a song gets stuck in your head, Sticky Prayers will get stuck in your heart. The practice is simple, but the repetition throughout your day and over time will cultivate a profound and lasting change in your prayer life. 


  • A Meaningful Tradition

    “The entire process was easy, enjoyable, educational, and biblical. This is our Advent tradition for the long run.”

  • anticipate jesus together

    “Our Christmas season was more worshipful thanks to Advent Blocks. And, as parents, we could not be more grateful for resources like this that point our family to the hope we have in Jesus.”

  • biblical truth for all ages

    “I love how kid friendly the readings are. It's giving me new language for how to communicate these stories myself - and to all ages!”