The GoodKind Podcast

The GoodKind Podcast

At GoodKind, we create resources that help people engage with God and one another. In the past, we've done this by creating products like Advent Blocks and Sabbath Box. Now, we're bringing it all together with a podcast to encourage and equip you as you cultivate the good kind of habits and holiday celebrations. 

We're all about having meaningful moments, and we're talking with our founders, our mentors, and our friends about how to bring those moments to life!

We are so excited to introduce The GoodKind Podcast, where we're sharing those conversations and inviting you to join us! 

Find us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts for conversations about habits, holidays, and meaningful moments for the whole family.

We'll discuss how to be intentional with your spiritual practices, making the most of the opportunities each season provides.

We're excited to learn alongside you and encourage one another! Our first few episodes are live, and we're adding new content each month. 

Check us out, and then like, share, and subscribe to help get the word out to people like you! 

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