Celebrating World Letter Writing Day

Celebrating World Letter Writing Day

Why should you celebrate World Letter Writing Day? 

We think it's true that love is spelled t-i-m-e. And taking even just a few minutes to write someone an actual letter is a simple, but meaningful way to show them intentionality and care. (And how often can you give a free gift anymore?!)

No matter how busy you are, you can do this. Flex your fingers, grab your quill (or that BIC Stic with the chewed up cap) and print out the beautiful stationery from @neelysphoto. Then get writing!


Four Steps to Celebrating World Letter Writing Day: 

Alright, you in? Good.

This may seem simple, but we're committed to helping you see this through.

Follow along with us!

Here's the hack: Don't actually wait until August 29th or Sept. 1 to do this. (Or if you miss the date completely, don't worry.) The important part isn't the date. It's writing the letter.

Step 1: Line up your materials. (We'll provide the stationery!)
Don't stress. You may not have letter-writing materials available. We took care
of most of it for you. At the end of this guide you'll find a beautiful printable piece of stationery that is perfect for writing your letter on.

And if you stop there, you're good to go! If you're not typically a letter-writer,
don't even worry about the stamp and envelope. Stay tuned.

Step 2: Line up your person.
Our recommendation? Pick someone in your neighborhood, or walking distance of your home. That way, you can skip the envelope and stamp. (But if you're a pro at this, go right ahead! Ship that letter half-way around the world if you're up for the task!)

Step 3: Write.
This is where the magic happens. Tell someone you're thankful for them. And
be specific! Tell them why they're special to you. Let the love flow. It doesn't
have to be flowery to be beautiful, or poetic to be profound. Be authentically
yourself. You can do this!

Step 4: Send it! 

The hardest part of all. If you followed our recommendation in step 2, then
hop, skip, and jump over to your recipient's home or mailbox and do a happy
dance on your way home!

If you're leveling up with a stamp and envelope, here are a couple notes.

  • Don't have a stamp? You can always take a trip to the post office or grocery store for some postage. Or you can visit stamps.com.
  • We don't generally recommend air travel by owl or courier pigeon, but ifyou have experience in that area, go for it.

FAQs (Read these, even if you don't have questions!)

Should I use pen or pencil?

Why stop the question there? Why should you use pen or pencil, anyway? Try a
quill. Or use a rock. Oil pastels are lovely.

Can I add stickers or a rubber stamp to the paper?

Ohhhhh, so you're a crafter, huh? We want to see! Share photos of your
masterpiece with us on social media! @goodkind.co and @neelysphoto

Can I write more than one letter?

Pace yourself. But yes. Remember that a stack of letters sitting on your
counter for 2 weeks doesn't do anyone any good. Start with one. Complete the
task. And build as you want!

How can I get someone to write me a letter?

You've got options!

  • Share this guide with them.
  • Write them a letter first, and ask them to write you back! Yep, we're bringing back pen pals, people!
  • Remember, this kind of tends to be a two-way street kind of thing.

Last but not least... What if I don't know what to write?

If you need a few starter sentences, we've got you covered. Try these.

  • Thank you for being you.
  • I love how you...
  • Last ____ when you __________, it was such a big encouragement to me.
  • The way you _________ is an inspiration.
  • I want you to know that I am here for you.

You've got this! 


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