Thanks for joining us!

We are so happy that you have received your Advent Blocks. We hope this is just the beginning of a season full of meaningful moments where you engage with God and one another. Here are a few more ways you can join us this Advent to get the most out of the season. 

1. Daily Reflections for Advent 

Every day during Advent on The GoodKind Podcast, we'll be dropping a 10-minute (or less!) daily reflection episode following the same pattern as The King Is Coming. It's a great way to take the stories from the family reading and create space to engage with God on your own. Check it out on Apple or Spotify. 


2. Stocking Stuffers 

Don't forget about stocking stuffers, teacher gifts, or your extended family members! We know how rewarding it is to give (and receive!) meaningful gifts. And we think our GratiKube and Sticky Prayers and perfect choices for your friends and family! Order today and be done with your shopping! 


3. Resources for the whole family

Did you know we have a board book and an adult devotional guide? While Advent Blocks is a great family resource for all ages, we know that some of our younger readers would benefit from shorter (more indestructible) readings, while some parents and older teenagers are asking for more. 

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