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Top Five Kids Bible Resources

GoodKind Co-founder and author, Chris Pappalardo, Read Kaleidoscope founder, Chris Ammen, and Raising Cross Formed Kids founder, Ryan Coatney sat down on The GoodKind Podcast to discuss their favorite kids Bible Resources. And we're here now to share that conversation, and all of their helpful experience with you! 
The Jesus Storybook Bible is beautifully written and impressively illustrated. Not only does it make the story of the Bible accessible for kids, but it makes that story moving for grownups. I've known pastors to give this out to new believers—and not just parents—because of how powerfully it displayed the story of Jesus through all of Scripture. 

Kaleidoscope is perfect for young readers in the gap between "baby Bibles" (which we love, but have low reading levels) and "grown up Bibles." It translates books of the Bible into chapter books, written at an elementary-aged reading level. It's particularly effective with kids who already love reading.

The "Big Question" series by Chris Morphew reads "like Tim Keller for teens." The questions are huge and difficult (Why does God let bad things happen? How do we know Christianity is true? How can I feel closer to God), but he handles them in ways that make sense for elementary and middle school kids. Good not only for kids, but for anyone who wants to teach kids better. 

Tiny Theologians (Amy Gannett) takes all the best parts of seminary—systematic theology, catechisms, church history, biblical studies—and packages it for very young kids. Like, all the way down to preschoolers young. We particularly like her NT and OT puzzles, but she has a ton of beautiful and playful materials for little ones.

Cross Formed Kids is a kids discipleship resource that crosses several different media platforms—Bible lessons, videos, crafts, songs. It's an all-in-one sort of package, which if you're a parent or in kids' ministry, you know is a Godsend.
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