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Winning Teacher Appreciation Month

May Is Teacher Appreciation Month

I know what you just did. You saw the title to this post and you groaned. Maybe you let out a word or two you wouldn’t want your kids to hear. 

How do I know? Because I’m a dad of two elementary-aged kids. So I know the existential dread that invades the heart at the mere sight of the phrase, “Teacher Appreciation Day.” Or maybe, at your kid’s school, “Teacher Appreciation Week.” Blessings and favor upon those of you who observe a "Teacher Appreciation Month." 

To be clear, I love my kids’ teachers. And I love the idea of celebrating them. I’m guessing you do, too. But if you’re a parent, Teacher Appreciation Day feels like a puzzle you can’t quite solve. What kind of gift would they actually like? How much money is appropriate to spend? Do the teachers really want my 6-year-old to bring in flowers, or did they just add that one to fill out the week?

Give the Gift of Gratitude

And here’s the thing: Teachers aren’t always keen on Teacher Appreciation gifts, either. Sure, many of the gifts and notes they get are thoughtful. They’ll keep a few of those items for years. (Growing up, I saw a few in my house from my dad’s students.) But most teacher appreciation gifts aren’t like that. Instead, they’ll be headed to the local Goodwill long before summer break. I mean, how many random coffee mugs does one person need? 

You don’t want to waste your money on something teachers don’t want. And they don’t want thoughtless gifts they won’t use. That’s the puzzle. 

But we’re here to help. 

The GratiKube is the perfect gift for the teachers in your life. It’s thoughtful, unique, and (mercifully for us parents) easy on the budget. 

GratiKube is a 12-sided die—literally a dodecahedron, which the math teachers will appreciate—that adds gratitude, intentionality, and fun into everyday table conversations. Essentially, we’ve turned the practice of gratitude into a game. 

Each side has a prompt, like “Someone You Saw Today,” or “Something in Nature,” or “Favorite Food.” Simply roll the die, then say, “God, thank you for …” It’s easy. It’s versatile. And it’s fun.

It's the perfect, tangible way to tell a teacher you're truly grateful for them. And it's a gift that keeps on giving. Because it's made to keep the gratitude rolling all year long. 

Do you remember the teacher that made the biggest difference in your life? We’ve all got at least one. It may have been a kindergarten teacher or a college professor. It might have been someone who challenged you to greater things or someone who simply told you what you were good at. Good teachers come in thousands of varieties. 

But there’s one thing every great teacher does: They connect with their kids. And with a GratiKube in their desk, those already great teachers have one more tool that helps them connect in a meaningful way, one day, one student at a time. 

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