• Your Christmas planned in ten minutes

  • Align the whole church this Christmas

1 in. Church Sets - Minimum 12 Units

$21.99 with code LOCALCHURCH

- 27 - 1 inch pine blocks with rounded edges

- Softback version of The King Is Coming (our 25-day guide)

- Original white, printed storage box for safekeeping year after year for safekeeping.

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Traditions Sets (Our most popular item!)

$39.89 with code LOCALCHURCH

- 27 - 1.5 inch beech blocks with rounded edges (in full color or white and gold)

- Hardback version of The King Is Coming, our 25-day guide, with a red placekeeping ribbon

- Natural wood finish, sliding top wood box


He is Here

$10.43 with code LOCALCHURCH

Following the story pattern of The King Is Coming (our Advent Blocks family guide), He Is Here is written for adults to use with or without the blocks. It's the perfect companion for the whole family—or the whole church—to work through the story of Scripture together throughout the month of December.

  • “Signing up my church was so easy, and everyone LOVED the blocks. It was so special  that everyone in the church was doing the same Advent Guide. It made for a really meaningful Christmas.”

    — Amy, The Summit Church

Christmas Resources

Watch our video on making the most of Advent this year.

Check out some blog posts on Christmas:


What is the discount code all about? 

We provide a unique code for you use at checkout. That code allows you to get the 30% discount. It is intended for bulk orders only. 

Can individuals in my church use the code to check out? 

No. The code is designed to be used for bulk orders only. Individuals will not be able to use the code to purchase a set of blocks and have them delivered to their house. 

Where will the blocks be shipped? 

The blocks will all be shipped to one address that you give us at checkout. People can pick up their blocks from that location. (We suggest a church office!) 

When will the blocks ship? 

We expect to ship the blocks to you in early October. 

What is the difference between the 1 in. set and the Traditions set? 

The 1 in. set is made exclusively for the church program, our very best price for a set of Advent Blocks. They come with a paperback book and a printed cardboard storage box. The traditions set is our most popular offering. It is larger than the 1 in. set, and made to last for years to come, with a hard back book and natural wood storage box. 

What if I’m not sure how many sets to purchase? 

We are happy to make recommendations based on your average weekly attendance. Please email contact@adventblocks.com and we will be happy to help. 

What if I order too many? 

This year, we are pleased to announce that we will be offering a buy back program. If you have any blocks leftover at the end of the year, we will buy back up to 50% of the sets you have leftover. 

What if I have another question? 

Please reach out to contact@adventblocks.com and we will be happy to answer any questions you have.