Sabbath Box - COMING SOON!

The Sabbath Box set comes with one wooden Box (11.5” wide, 11.5” tall, and 4.5” deep), a reversible box top, and a wall mount. Inside the Box you will receive a 5-week written guide, 8 Scripture Cards and 8 Play Cards. 

With this resource, Sabbath can feel less like a burden and more like an invitation. Place this on a wall or in some other central place in your home, reminding you of God’s good rhythms of work and rest.

Stop and Enjoy

Sabbath is a special day God set aside for people. A day to rest. A day to worship him. A day to play. A day to stop all of the good work we do so we can enjoy all the good work God has done.

Our hope is that by using the Sabbath Box, rhythms of rest will become a life-giving reality for you and your family.