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Habits and Holidays Bundle

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It's a year of discipleship delivered to your door. 

It's impossible to overstate the importance of daily habits. With the right resources, you can cultivate the kind of habits that help you engage with God and with others. And not just you, either, but the entire family.

The Habits and Holidays Bundle gives you all of our best products at our best price, so you'll save big and savor the memories! Win-win! 


With Sticky Prayers, you'll find yourself prompted to pray more throughout your day. With the GratiKube, just drop it on your table and watch as the conversation organically sprouts and grows. 

And with our Family Sabbath Kit, you'll find yourself slowing down on the weekends more, so that you'll spend more time with God and one another, enjoying the soul-rest we all crave. 

... and Holidays 

Every spring and every winter, our entire country pauses to reflect on the two biggest holidays of the year: Easter and Christmas. But you don't have to let the decorations tell the story. These devotionals emphasize the real story behind Christmas and Easter, engaging everyone in your home and creating new family traditions.

Advent Blocks is a tangible resource that helps kids—and parents—anticipate Jesus, not just presents, all throughout December. It's a 25-day Advent guide that engages everyone in the family in the story of Scripture, leading up to Jesus' birth: Emmanuel, God with us!

And Easter Blocks are designed to draw your family in during the most important week in history—Holy Week—prompting everyone to wonder and worship. It's an 8-day resource that beautifully and playfully tells the Easter story, prompting conversations about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection.

Plus, with the Habits and Holidays bundle, we include our companion guides: Board books for the youngest readers, and adult devotional guides, so that there's a resource that's perfect for everyone in the family. 

Capture meaningful moments, all year long, with GoodKind. 

  • A Meaningful Tradition

    “The entire process was easy, enjoyable, educational, and biblical. This is our Advent tradition for the long run.”

  • anticipate jesus together

    “Our Christmas season was more worshipful thanks to Advent Blocks. And, as parents, we could not be more grateful for resources like this that point our family to the hope we have in Jesus.”

  • biblical truth for all ages

    “I love how kid friendly the readings are. It's giving me new language for how to communicate these stories myself - and to all ages!”