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Three Things to Make Your Summer Great

At GoodKind, we're all about helping you create meaningful moments throughout the year. One way we're doing that is by encouraging you to recognize each season for what it is, and be intentional with it.

"Woah," you say, "Summertime is the worst time to try creating new habits or intentional rhythms. Our schedules are off, the days are longer (read: chaotic), and sunburn makes everyone a touch more irritable." 

You're right (at least about the sunburn). But bear with us. We believe this summer might be the best time to intentionally create meaningful moments with your family. 

An Intentional Summer 


Chaotic schedules? Let them work for you, rather than against you. Less consistency and more freedom can be difficult, but try thinking of it as an opportunity. A bike ride to get ice cream before dinner? Might sound crazy. But it also might make for a meaningful moment. 

Put another way, interrupted schedules can often make us feel like we're floundering or we're failing. Forgetting to start the dishwasher at night because the kids went to bed so late can throw off a whole morning or a whole day. And while that can be frustrating, we're encouraging you to look for ways to begin again. Make a note for next time, make the best of it, and move on. 

And in the meantime, leave the breakfast dishes, let that dishwasher run, and take a walk with your family. 

Be intentional where you are, whether you're crushing this summer thing, or counting down the days until Meet The Teacher. You won't get it right every time. And that's okay. Remember that it doesn't have to be perfect to be great. And there's always the chance to begin again tomorrow. 

Make Your Summer Great... In Three Minutes 

“Ok, having an intentional summer sounds great, but how do I do it?”

We're so glad you asked. 

Set a timer, because this is going to be good. You can make your summer great in the next three minutes. Ready? 

3... 2... 

1. Check out our podcast. 

Head over to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and subscribe, like, and download episodes from The GoodKind Podcast. We promise, it's a lot of fun. 

Then, the next time you find yourself at a swim meet, or in the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, you're ready to press play and enjoy hanging out with us for a bit. You'll meet our founders, learn more about how GoodKind and Advent Blocks came about, and be encouraged in your spiritual habits and holiday practices.

It's the perfect mix of helpful and fun, and we think you'll love listening to it. 

2. Plan a vacation. 

It doesn't have to be fancy or luxurious. But plan a vacation. 

It's tempting to keep working, save the money, and save the hassle. But Americans are stereotypically terrible at taking vacations. In 2018, a record 768 million vacation days went unused. That number became harder to track in 2020 and beyond, with the challenges brought by Covid-19. 

You probably aren't resting as much as you could be. Ironically, it’s making you a worse worker: Studies show that taking a vacation is actually linked to more productivity and higher job satisfaction.

But most importantly, you should take a vacation because we were designed for rest. To stop and enjoy God and each other. Weekly, as part of a Sabbath rhythm, and more intermittently, for longer, intentional breaks from work where we can be restored. 

You don’t have to be the American stereotype. So, grab your spouse. Or your roommate. Or a couple friends. Set a date. And commit to going on a vacation. 

3. Celebrate "National Take Back the Lunch Break Day" with us. 

Coming up on June 17, we're celebrating a random but good kind of holiday. We're taking back the lunch break, and are inviting you to the table! 

Eating with people is a practice that helps you engage with God and each other. There's something special about sitting down with people for the sole purpose of enjoying God, friends... and food. 

We know you're busy. We know you're in a hurry. We feel it too. But working through lunch (in an office, at a construction site, or at home with kids) is a big miss of a great opportunity. 

So, block your calendar during lunch on June 17. Invite 2–3 friends to join you, and stop all of your work for a couple hours to enjoy God's provision and his people. 

If you're looking for more instruction, including some delightful answers to frequently asked questions, read more on our Take Back the Lunch Break guide.

Annnnnnnnd … done. How's that timer look?  

Congratulations: You've just been intentional with your summer. And that's worth celebrating! Go ahead, crack open a La Croix, grab a lawn chair, and start blasting some tunes.

We can't wait to hear about the meaningful moments you’ll have this summer. 

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